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1. As an active client you are required to keep the credit monitoring that we use ACTIVE. We need to be able to see all 3 of your credit reports monthly to keep your dispute schedule running as smoothly as possible. If you downgrade or cancel your credit monitoring you will be cancelled as a client. If you were a previous client of ours, please use a different email address to re-enroll.

2. If you are in an active bankruptcy, you cannot be an active client. If your bankruptcy has been dismissed or discharged that is OK.

3. Your onboarding MUST be complete within 48 hours. Onboarding takes 5-10 minutes and we cannot start your service until onboarding has been completed. If your onboarding is not complete within 48 hours of signing up, you will be removed from our system. You will receive an email as soon as your client portal is open for you to complete your onboarding. ALL 3 steps must be completed:

– Upload a picture of your ID

– Upload a picture of recent proof of address

– Sign up for the credit monitoring that we use and provide your login

4. If you are currently behind on your bills, please do not sign up for our services. We do not want our services to be another financial burden for you.

5. Credit repair is a team sport, paying your bills on time, building positive credit and paying your credit card balances down is what we expect out of all of our clients. If you are not willing to consistently do these things, please do not sign up for our services.

The 3-Step Score Improving Process:

These 3 Steps Must Be Completed Before We Can Help You…


STEP #01

Get All 3 Of Your Credit Reports & Scores For 1 dollar*

We need your 3 in One Credit Reports, we use this service to ensure speed, better data points to help enhance your credit score opportunities (NonNegotiable) We cannot give you the best results without having the best way to view your full report. This service is only 1 Dollar for 7 Days, and only  $21.99 per month moving forward. Click Below Now!

STEP #02

Join The Best Credit Repair Service Today

This step will allow you to set up your Credentials we need to start working on your credit, once you complete this section you will gain access to our team, a client portal where you can monitor your progress 24 hours a day if you like, access to our credit education services and training, we do not just help you fix your credit, we train you how to keep it great. We need this section filled out completely before we can start.

STEP #03

Secure your Spot

Secure your spot by adding your credit card information here, (Important: please read)
 Your card will NOT be charged for the Credit Repair until you complete your onboarding. If your onboarding is not complete within 48 hours of your portal being turned on, you will be cancelled as a Tony’s Credit Repair client. Your monthly payments for previous work performed will be billed every month, that fee is Just $149 for an Individual and $249 for a Couple, for Unlimited Challenges. This date is determined by the date your first Wave Attack Letter’s went out.

Secured Cards:

If you do not know, a secured card works by you first supplying a deposit to the bank. In return, the bank gives you a card with the same limit as your deposit. For example, if you deposit $500, you get a $500 limit.

A standard secured card will help your credit. However it’s much more of a long game! If you want results fast, we recommend an Unsecured Card with higher limits.

Unsecured Cards:

An unsecured credit card is just another name for a “regular” credit card. Unsecured means that debt on the card is not backed or secured by collateral.

All the lender has is your promise to pay it back. You usually get higher limits on these types of cards which helps sky rocket your scores over time.

However, be mindful that, unlike secured cards, this is not “capped” because the limit is not determined by you. There’s much less of a spending safety net.

This guide will not only do that for you, but each item in this guide is guaranteed approval. Yup! You will be automatically approved regardless of your credit past.

In the guide, you have several recommended cards. Each Are different amounts to start, and when you get a much larger limit, it will help your credit score faster. 

Keep in mind that 30% of your credit score is down to your credit utilization. Therefore, having a bigger limit means you’ll experience a bigger score increase much faster.

You should get at least 3 but having 5 can be a better advantage till you can gain a better score to get your secured cards you need with higher limits.  If it’s not financially feasible, that’s not an issue. The goal is to get them as soon as you can to get the most significant benefit credit increase.

One Secured card is better than none!

However, the ultimate goal is to get 3 to 5 as soon as possible to witness the spike in your credit score. Then move to bigger and even better cards.

3-Steps To Start Building Your Dreams Through Better Credit Today!

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