Millions of Americans feel overwhelmed by debt. It can get out of hand quickly, beginning with a few missed or late credit card payments before your credit score resides far below the “ideal” number.

Today’s credit scores are a gatekeeper to buying a car, house, or even starting a business. If you have poor credit, you may struggle to qualify for credit cards, rent an apartment, or secure a personal loan. The good news is that Texas credit repair provides various avenues to help clean up your credit. Improving your credit score can make you a better applicant.

Companies like Tony’s Credit Repair in Houston, Texas use various methods to help you remove negative items from your credit report. Although the process may take time, Texas credit repair can help you get debt collectors off your back, guiding you down the road to a great credit score.

Texas Debt Collection Laws

No creditor begins a lending relationship with the intention of bringing in a debt collector. However, unforeseen circumstances can occur, and when it looks like a debtor cannot or will not pay, a creditor will often sell the debt to a collection agency.

Texas Debt Collection Act

The Texas Debt Collection Act affords consumers specific rights while prohibiting debt collectors from attempting to collect a debt with abusive collections actions like obscene language, false accusations, fraud, and acts of violence.

Abusive collections actions may include:

  • Threats of violence and other criminal acts
  • Falsely accusing consumers of fraud and other crimes
  • Threatening arrest, repossession, and other property seizure actions without proper court proceedings
  • Harassing debtors via repeated, continuous, and anonymous calls
  • Using profane and obscene language

Fraudulent collection tactics may include:

  • Utilizing false names and identification
  • Sending documents that falsely appear to represent a court or other agency in an official capacity
  • Failing to identify who holds a debt
  • Trying to collect more than the amount the debtor and creditor originally agreed upon
  • Misrepresenting the amount of a debt or its judicial status

Debt collectors that violate the Texas Debt Collection Act remain subject to civil and criminal penalties under Texas Law.

Exercising Your Debt Collection Rights

Tony’s Credit Repair in Dallas, Texas utilizes “SMART” technologies to assist debtors. Instead of relying on outdated Texas credit repair tactics that remain overly reliant on erroneously reported debt information, our team depends on an innovative, industry-first “SMART” technology approach.

Tony’s Credit Repair begins with a comprehensive credit health check to determine negative items that may impact your credit score. Once we can pinpoint these issues, our team can begin aggressively disputing and challenging the negative items using our proven strategies with credit bureaus.

Low and poor credit scores shouldn’t reflect a life sentence that prevents you from achieving your dreams. Tony’s Credit Repair adheres to all credit repair laws in Texas, believing there’s a better way to achieve a good credit score through an accurate credit report.

To learn more about our company, “SMART” technologies, and how we can help you improve your credit score, contact Tony’s Credit Repair today for additional information.