The financial world for anyone building their career or strengthening their real estate portfolio revolves around credit scores. Credit has the capacity to make or break your financial world, varying from working with a bank to obtain a mortgage, a bank loan for an automobile, or even a business loan. Most of these things are a necessity at one point or another throughout adulthood. Managing expenses and making strides as an adult is challenging when your credit score is low.

Some may assume that low credit is exclusively the result of irresponsible money management, but this is not always the case. While it is true that the inability to manage and pay off loans or credit card payments properly will harm your credit scores, this is not always the case. In fact, a financially responsible person may suffer from damaged credit for many reasons. Those looking for credit repair in New York City may be familiar with some of these root issues or events that ultimately lead to poor credit.

Identity Theft

Identity theft harms credit severely. This is when a criminal steals the personal information of another and uses it to commit fraud. Criminals who commit identity theft usually use the name and details of the victim to apply for loans for large sums of money–which they never intend to pay back.

Another common behavior of those who commit identity theft is withdrawing existing funds within the person’s bank account. This robs the victim of their hard-earned money and additionally damages credit, especially when coupled with some of the other potentially criminal behaviors regarding identity theft.


Bankruptcy also severely damages credit. While it can help individuals and businesses from going under altogether, it does harm credit scores measurably. While individuals can be saved from some degree of financial turmoil through the declaration of bankruptcy, the fact remains that credit scores are severely damaged as a result of this process.

What Next?

Whether these issues have resulted from these factors or other additional factors have contributed to poor credit scores, those with damaged credit deserve a helping hand. There are numerous credit repair companies in New York–or at least, that can work in New York, but out of all of these, Tony’s Credit Repair is here to provide the best service.

Those looking for a credit repair service in New York need to look no further. We utilize newer, advanced technology. Those who work to repair credit often do so ineffectively, relying on older methods of challenging and disputing charges on credit reports. Rather than using these archaic methods of credit repair, at Tony’s Credit Repair, we fight credit charges with current practices. This way, those looking for credit repair in New York City may rest assured knowing they have competent help in their corner.

Those with poor credit do not need to feel abandoned or hopeless. If you are experiencing the financial frustration and struggle that frequently plagues those with a low credit score, Tony’s Credit Repair will help you. Credit repair in New York City is possible.