Individuals with bad or even “less than perfect” credit scores often feel frustrated and tired of constantly paying more, wasting money, and being denied the best financial opportunities. Credit scores are highly influential financial reports that impact our lives.

Those that live in California are used to sunshine, great places to visit, and things to do. Unfortunately, they’re likely also used to high housing prices and expensive living standards, including lofty mortgages, auto and student loans, and credit card balances. These high debt numbers can mean that a Californian’s credit score may be unstable.

Companies providing professional credit repair in California, like Tony’s Credit Repair, can help you clean up your credit report if you struggle with bad credit. Credit repair companies in California offer industry-leading services to quickly and efficiently negotiate with creditors and remove negative entries.

California Debt Collection Laws

California leads the United States in consumer-protection debt collection laws, putting additional laws in place to protect the state’s residents, including the Rosenthal Act.

The Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Rosenthal Act is a California law governing debt collector practices for personal debts. The law’s terms dictate how and when debt collectors may contact a debtor about the money they allegedly owe.

The primary difference between The Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and federal regulations is that the California debt collection law is broader, applying to original creditors and third-party creditors. Under the Rosenthal Act:

  • Debt collectors may not contact an individual regarding their debt if a lawyer sends written notice to a collection agency
  • A collector may not threaten physical force or violence or use obscene language when communicating with debtors
  • Debt collectors cannot harass individuals or misrepresent who they are, their company, or the types of legal action they can/will take
  • Creditors and collectors may not discuss debts with a debtor’s employer or family members
  • Debt collectors cannot send postcards or envelopes that display any information about the debt

California Credit Repair Professionals

Tony’s Credit Repair in California works to help debtors by helping them negotiate with creditors and remove impactful items from their credit reports. We depend on an innovative system of “SMART” technologies to ensure progressive leveraging standards. Our team works to remove negative credit report entries, helping our clients save time and money while guiding them on the right path to attaining lower rates, insurance quotes, etc.

Many providers for credit repair in California unsuccessfully rely on outdated methods to help individuals repair their credit reports while adhering to all the unique California credit repair laws.

Tony’s Credit Repair believes there’s more to life than simply making a living and that a low credit score shouldn’t represent a permanent blemish that prevents you from securing the best rates on cars, homes, and other loans.

To learn more about our credit repair in Orange County, California, our “SMART” technologies, and how we can help you positively transform your credit report, contact Tony’s Credit Repair and our professional specialists today.