Identity theft is the theft of personal information to commit fraud. Some studies indicate that around 20% of Americans suffered from some type of identity theft in 2021. This is an enormous problem that needs to be examined and alleviated.

There can be significant legal effort to mitigate the issue of identity theft—which is important—but what about those who have already suffered the adverse consequences of identity theft? What can be done for those who need to know the way forward?

Identity Theft and Credit

One of the most prominent consequences of identity theft is the effect that it has on credit. The primary motivation for criminals who seek to steal identity is to obtain financial gain. When a person’s identity is successfully stolen, most frauds will take out loans and open credit lines in the name of the person whose identity has been stolen. This leads to enormous profits for the thief and causes extreme damage to the credit of the victim. Overall, identity theft regularly leaves innocent people in financial ruin.

What Next?

If you are wondering how to repair credit after identity theft, your first step should be to secure your identity right away. Next, you should contact a credit repair specialist. Fortunately, Tony’s Credit Repair is ready and willing to assist you when you’re facing the shock of identity theft. The most important aspect of identity theft credit repair is thoroughness. Be deliberate and specific, paying attention to details along the way.

Identifying Fraudulent Behavior in Your Name

The next step is for you to find out everything that is financially being undertaken in your name, such as multiple accounts that have been opened with your identity. If this does not happen, it’s very possible that the fraudulent behavior will continue to occur, even if you are already aware of it. Finding out the specifics of the fraud you are a victim of will help permanently solve the issue.

CHALLENGE Fraud with Lenders

After you have discovered where the fraud has occurred, call those companies along with your card company. Cancel any cards that were used during the course of the fraud. Canceling these cards prevents them from being used further. Remember: on your credit report, you will need to challenge charges that are not correct and are a product of fraudulent use.

Getting Help

These steps are numerous and involve a variety of smaller steps that need to be done carefully and correctly. In doing this, contacting a credit repair specialist can be extremely beneficial. Identity theft credit repair is tedious and complicated, so having a specialist that wants to help you will be an extraordinary asset to your credit repair journey. Do your research and find someone who can respond to you quickly, because identity theft is no joke.

Tony’s Credit Repair is thoroughly equipped to help you recover from the crime of identity theft. Capability is extremely important when it comes to finances. Even small mistakes can compound and inflate, causing much bigger problems down the road. Because of this, working through identity theft credit repair requires qualified personnel that will avoid these small mistakes and save you more money down the road.