The traditional method of repairing credit reports depend on an approach referenced as “Factual Disputing”. Unfortunately, these obsolete tactics are overly reliant on disputing erroneously reported information. A 2012 FTC study indicated only about 5% of consumers have a significant error to even argue against. Most credit repair companies use this approach to maximize the monthly fees they collect from you.

Instead of unsuccessfully relying on outdated methods to repair credit reports, we use an industry-first set of “SMART” technologies called The Original and Uniquely Advanced DRM & DLAAI Smart Technologies.

Our Method

Our method uses these “SMART” technologies to ensure our innovative and progressive leveraging standards to forge the most Ethically Efficient and Consistently Effective credit enhancement “attacks” ever in existence.

Our method of “attacks” will save you time and money so you can purchase that house or car, or get lower rates and insurance quotes sooner rather than later.

What Makes Us Different?

We value prevention as much as improvement. When you sign-up, first things first, you’ll get a complete credit health check.

You’ll find out the negative items that are harming your credit score. Once identified, we will aggressively dispute and challenge those negative items to the credit bureaus using our proven strategies.

While we’re working on giving you a clean bill of credit health…

We’ll also educate you on good credit practices, common misconceptions, and financial red flags to stay well clear of.

This will both help us speed up improving your score in the present moment AND prevent it from happening again in the future. We’ll also keep you updated every 30-days via an encrypted portal!