5 Points of Compliance Method

Okay - let’s get into it!

We talked about how the old way was based on disputing the reality of inaccurate reporting of negative accounts… which all boils down to - it's an overused, ill-effective, and unethical way of trying to fix your credit!

If you dispute then you are not only suggesting the items are not yours, or something is reporting inaccurately…But you’re also pointing out exactly what it is you’re disputing with a massive red circle drawn right around it…

So it allows the credit bureaus time and the ability to quickly update and verify the information…That’s why it always feels like they’re 2 steps ahead of you!

It’s like handing them the answers to a test before you hand out the test!... You can’t win with those rules! Plus it takes A LOT of time!

Most people are told all the time to use old outdated 609 letters and when they do, there’s NO element of surprise! They see you coming from a mile away and they just don’t work!

But remember - the NEW way… the breakthrough crazy effective way is challenging for compliance using a standard of practice that credit bureaus say they follow!

Their system is called e-oscar and it’s exactly what we built our system from.

The very words on their website helped us develop a 10-word loophole that they blatantly suggest we follow. This has allowed us to effectively use their own words against them and win for our clients! We are literally beating them at their own game!

By doing this we are able to compel the credit bureaus to act appropriately, and verifiably prove that what they are reporting is accurate, timely, complete, and not erroneous or by law, they have to remove it.

NO OTHER entity in the credit reporting space has ever covered so much ground and attacked based on compliance of reporting as opposed to disputing the validity of an item’s reality, as we have!

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, but YOU landed in the RIGHT PLACE!

So here are The 5 Points of Compliance Method:

Point 1: They must be Metro 2 Compliant to report.

Point 2: CRA or credit reporting agency i.e: credit bureaus by M2C definition includes all of the credit bureaus other than government entities.

Point 3: Consumer complaints sent to a bureau must be directly sent to the reported data furnisher for processing.

Point 4: The data furnishers response much be directly returned to the initiating bureau of which the consumer directly contacted.

Point 5: Any action must be physically sent as well to all CRAs & the DF deals with even if the consumer never contacted them.

Now, that all may seem confusing, but let me ease your mind…

All you need to know is our system gets HUGE results because we force the credit bureaus to certify that what they are reporting follows these same 5 steps of compliance they use as a standard practice, not to mention listed on their own website!

This allows you to have leverage over the bureaus WAY more than disputing ever could. 
With disputing you can dispute inaccurate items, but the issue is you have to give them a chance to fix it. If they verify it’s a true account or the caught items can be updated, then the dispute is over. 
After this, if you try to dispute the same items again they can simply send a letter stating they found the account to be verified and will no longer investigate it. BOOM! It’s a ton of work for no or rarely, very little results… not to mention it’s a lot of lost time and money. 
Time and money you just don’t have extra of when you’re trying to get that new house, new car, or get your family back on their feet with a healthy financial future. 
But with our system, we can hit them a million times with our 5 points of compliance method letters and systems and they can’t fix and ignore us!
Remember, we’re using the standard of practice THEY suggest we use to get them to certify the reportability of these items. 
In the end, they will try but will fail most of the time because truthfully they don’t know and really don’t care since it’s costing them time and money to deal with our attacks!
PHEW! I know this was a lot. But it’s really the foundation of fixing your credit!
If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, I got you!