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No matter where you turn in the financial world, the reality is that credit scores can severely sway just about every financial decision and obligation in today’s market. Whether you are buying or renting a home, purchasing a vehicle, or searching for a loan, credit is extremely important for organizations that provide these services.


Difficulties of Credit Scores

Nobody is perfect. It’s not uncommon for a bill to slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, this can affect your credit severely. This can make it extremely difficult to make financial decisions in the future. Low credit scores tie you down from all sorts of potential opportunities in the future. Even those who are extremely punctual can have difficulties with their credit scores when medical emergencies happen. Medical bills are extremely expensive and difficult to pay, and medical debt often does hurt credit scores.

What Now?

You are never without hope. If your credit score is already low since being hurt by some sort of debt, this is not the end of your financial success. If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s possible to repair your credit. A bright financial future is not out of reach, and with some time and process, can be repaired. If you need help with credit report repair, seek a knowledgeable credit specialist who has your best interests in mind.

Credit can be feasibly repaired with the help of a credit repair broker. The role of a credit repair broker is exclusively to help you recover your credit after your score has taken damage. Tony’s Credit Repair is a phenomenal credit repair service that helps you change your financial life for the better.

What Makes Us Different?

“If you have tried using a credit repair company before, this is for you.

The PROBLEM with credit repair today is that most companies use outdated, traditional disputing methods.

Instead of DISPUTING the items, we CHALLENGE the accounts' re-portable factors and send a re-investigation letter using The 5 Point of Compliance Method.

By CHALLENGING instead of DISPUTING, we compel the credit bureaus to act appropriately and verifiably prove with physical documents that what they are reporting is accurate, timely, complete, and not erroneous, or by law, they have to remove it.

NO OTHER entity in the credit reporting space has ever covered so much ground and attacked based on compliance instead of DISPUTING as we have!


Tony's Repair Credit

Unlimited Challenge Letters
Letters mailed every 15 days
Customized Challenger Letters
Credit Rebuilding
Personalized Service
Licensed and Bonded
Dashboard with Monthly Updates
Debt Repayment Plans
Budget Plan & Consulting
Wealth Building
Unlimited Coaching
Home Buying Help
Money Back Guarantee *


3 dispute letters per month
Letters mailed once per month
Cookie Cutter Dispute Letters
You're just a number
Maybe a SCAM
Poor communication

Click here for more information on the Challenge method and 5 Points of Compliance.”

How It Works

The next step in the process of credit repair is the disputation and challenging of the specific items that are damaging your credit directly to credit bureaus. Tony’s Credit Repair is uniquely qualified in the performance of its credit repair services. They work by checking the status and health of your credit first. This properly diagnoses problems with credit health, facilitating credit repair.

Another fantastic benefit of Tony’s Credit Repair is that this is just the beginning. While their service works hard to repair your credit, you will be provided with good education from a credit specialist that will help you preserve your good credit. Some of these educative measures will include:

  • Common misconceptions about credit, debt, and financing
  • Good finance practices that will help maintain your credit
  • Red flags to be aware of as you navigate through your financial journey.

These tips and tricks are crucial for maintaining good credit, and are a step up from your average credit repair broker. Tony’s Credit Repair offers more than just the service; they offer education and help–and should be the go-to service for anyone needing help with credit report repair.

Our Promises To You:

Full & FREE Credit Health Check
See Results In As Little 30-45 Days
No Hidden Costs, Fees, Or Surprises
Unlimited Challenges On All Negative Items
No Results? Get Our Money Back Guarantee.

3-Steps To Start Building Your Dreams Through Better Credit Today!

STEP #01

Book A Free Credit Strategy Session

We’ll go over your current credit status/history, future financial and personal goals, and how we can help make them happen.

STEP #02

Decide If You Want To Move Forward

The call is 100% zero obligation. Improving your credit is all about gaining more choices in your life, and that starts as soon as you have a call with us.

STEP #03

Leave Improving Your Credit Down To Us!

Hiring us is leaving your credit in safe hands. You can start looking to the future while we concentrate on improving your past and present credit.

Good Credit Is Priceless. Here’s Our Pricing:

Monthly Package

Starting at



$149 Monthly Package
Credit Education
3 Bureau Audit-Analysis
Customer Service Support
Monthly Updates
Credit Building
Cancel Anytime in Writing

Couples Package

Starting at



$249 Couples Package
Credit Education
3 Bureau Audit-Analysis
Customer Service Support
Monthly Updates
Credit Building
Cancel Anytime in Writing


There is Hope and Help Ahead

Whether you are struggling to maintain good credit, or if you feel that your credit has been severely damaged for a long time, Tony’s Credit Repair can help you. It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, or even desperate when experiencing bad credit. This is no reason to give up hope. Credit repair is possible and within reach.

All of our paying clients are guaranteed a FULL refund on all payments if you meet all the below criteria:

You’ve used our service for 180 days and we have not removed any negative items we’ve worked on.
In the last 2 years:
- You haven’t used another credit-consulting agency
- You haven’t attempted to repair your credit yourself
No new collections or missed payments have arisen during the time you’ve paid for our services.
All credit monitoring services have been maintained while we’ve been working with you.
Every report/response from the 3 credit bureaus and creditors has been sent to us within 5 days of you receiving them (these are sent every 30-45 days, and it is your duty to ensure all updated reports have been received.)